Why I'm Running.

I am running to be Wyoming’s next U.S. senator because I believe the people of our great state deserve fresh leadership that listens, that works together with others, and that serves all those in need.

My desire is to serve all the people of Wyoming, including those who are hurting and have been neglected by our political leaders in Washington.  As a friend from Gillette said in her Christmas card, “There are so many hurting people.”


Injustice comes in many forms.  My father’s dream was that I grow up riding a horse and milking a cow.  But the half-section of land that he bought was taken away by eminent domain.  I was born and grew up in town.


Preparing for the Catholic priesthood, I spent my summers traveling the back roads of Colorado and Wyoming, visiting with small farmers and farm workers.  Both were victimized by a system that provided cheap food, but which did not justly reward those who were producing it.


As a priest in Rock Springs, I knew men suffering from black lung disease after working for years in the mines.


While serving in a foreign country, I lived for eight years in a shack made out of cardboard and tin—a government housing project.  There were no sewers, no running water.  The people there were as fine as any I have ever known, but the conditions they lived in were totally unjust.


It grieved me to hear from the woman in Gillette who said, “There are so many hurting people.”  While some in Wyoming are making good salaries, others are struggling to make ends meet. They are worried about the costs of education and health care, and whether they will have a job tomorrow.


Government policies can either help or hurt people.  Today many policies have been put in place by politicians who don’t seem to hear the cries and cannot see the suffering.  Their only concern seems to be the next election and not the next generation, or even the present generation.


I want to change that.  During the coming months, I will listen closely to the concerns of the people of Wyoming—and in the Senate I will work hard to serve you well.

I invite you to run with me for the U.S. Senate.  After all, it is your seat—it belongs to all of us. 

Let’s go to Washington together.

Run with Charlie!

Charlie  Hardy 

United   States   Senate

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  • Respect for One Another 

  • Working Together

  • Strong Work Ethics ​

  • Equality for All

  • Compassion for Others

  • Helping People in Need

  • Bipartisan Cooperation​

Wyoming Values

I believe we are a good people who care about our fellow citizens. We live in a great state where cooperation, compassion, and sharing are traditional values. As the Equality State and the Cowboy State, these values include hard work and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender, or religious faith. 

Tell me your dreams and hopes. Together we can take these Wyoming values to Washington.

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